Benchmarking of VR platforms for HR uses

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Stéphanie Foäche
Published on 22 November 2022

Read the full report on the impact of VR in the years to come, particularly in the HR sector, published on November 22 and based on an up-close analysis of 443 VR platforms identified.

Among the key messages, 75 of these platforms were identified as being usable in the medium term in HR and 30 were identified as being usable for action today.

Topics accompanies the company’s internal transformations, intervening in particular on subjects related to the Future of work based on both the environment and the organisation of work. In this way, we are constantly researching and advising our clients on the different options available to them.

Metavers have emerged for a while now. From an element dedicated to very initiated early adopters, the metaverse and in its wake VR platforms are dominating the landscape.

VR technology is at the very essence of training. Its effectiveness has been proven. Recently, under the combined effect of the health crisis, technological advances and the advent of Web 3, platforms and the metaverse have gradually become part of our daily lives.

We have joined this study in order to support our clients in this area and to gain a more detailed knowledge of the increasing number of platforms.

The actors and partners of the Benchmark are Tomorrow Theory, Le labRH, Page Group, Hultef and Gometa.

"The market is abundant and dynamic even if not yet fully mature, many companies are converging towards the metaverse, and the evolution of technologies and equipment will reinforce this trend..." Stéphanie Foäche
Stéphanie Foäche
Published on 22 November 2022