Nouvelle donne #S2E1: interview with Benoît Serre – HR Director France of L’Oréal

Nouvelle Donne is a collection of podcasts in which we will talk about transformation and Human Resources. For its second season, Bruno Mettling, founding president of topics, invites leading HR directors to discuss the challenges of the function and the place of human resources in companies today and in the future.

Published on 21 April 2022

For this first episode of season 2 of “Nouvelle donne”, Bruno Mettling invites BENOIT SERRE, HR Director of L’Oréal France, to share his vision of HR issues, corporate social responsibility, HR Tech and the F/H index.

Benoît Serre, what does being an HRD in 2022 mean to you?

To be a HRD in 2022 is both to be in the hyper short term because we are still in a very unstable situation. It also means being clear-sighted about the fact that we have a trade that is exhausted after two years of health crisis and, above all, a trade that looks at the company, work and the employer differently.

And in the long term, it means knowing how to anticipate the consequences of the crisis of covid on the candidates, the relationship with the company, the sharing of value…


"The first social responsibility of companies is to guarantee the employability of their employees". Benoît Serre, DRH France - L'Oréal
Published on 21 April 2022