“Telework agreements are an appointment not to be missed”

The health crisis has turned management organisation upside down. Companies will have to learn how to tailor their organisation. Bruno Mettling shares some ideas.

Published on 15 March 2021
100% telework denies the collective’s need and the productivity generated by collective intelligence.

Les Echos – The health crisis has turned the management organization upside down. Businesses will have to learn to tailor themselves. Bruno Mettling, former Orange HRD and founding president of the consulting firm Topics, shares some ideas.

Les Echos. The health crisis has shown that telework can be synonymous with productivity and performance. But should this solution be 100% permanent?

Bruno Mettling. One of the positive aspects of the crisis is that companies have been able to demonstrate an agility they did not suspect. The big mistake is to be satisfied with a telework agreement limited to the same number of days teleworked per week, for all employees.

Published on 15 March 2021