Jean Giboudeaux

  • Conducting change
  • Alignement des stratégies business et RH
  • Definition of innovative human capital management models
  • Leadership & Digital Transformation
  • Project Management and Governance / HR Programme
  • Alignment of business and HR strategies
  • Innovative Human Capital Management models
  • Strategic Talent Planning
  • Transformation of organisations and HR Process
  • Project Management and Governance
  • HR Program
  • Change management

For more than 20 years, Jean Giboudeaux has been supporting the human aspect of transformation programs and making it a key success factor. He was in charge of developing the Transformation offer for Accenture in France. He also managed the HR Consulting activity of Manpower France and Right Management before becoming its CEO. His career path has allowed him to work with large international groups in a wide range of industries: retail and specialized distribution, transportation, banking, consumer products, etc.


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